Leslie's Story

Les, as he would like his friends to call him, is a seasoned musician from as far back as when he was eleven years old, singing in the church choir in the Parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. Leslie loves music; he puts his heart and soul into whatever lyrics or rhythm he is pounding away on. At a young age, in 1971, he recorded "Lullaby Angel" and "Chuapp my Baby", after these two hits, he decided to go back to music school to enhance his real gifts, vocal and guitar, He completed his three years course with honours which earned him lead guitarist with a band called; "Gawood Brothers." In 1974, the time had come for Les to pick up his guitar and move to Canada. His first stop was in Calgary, Alberta. In Les' own words; "My writing, my guitar, my singing and mv love for-music, kept me warm." Soon after arriving in Calgary, he formed a band and named it "Yard Beat." They played across Edmonton, Calgary and every little town that needed a different and Stylish yard beat. Les got every gig to play Blues, Ska, Reggae, Calypso and R&B In 1980, Les decided he would move to where the need for his sryle of music was on a broader scale. So Toronto, Ontario welcomes him and his dedication for his first love; music. While reading his new band, "Kaya", he shared stages with well-known international artists. To name a few; Nana McLean, Sugar Minott, U Roy, Inspector Lenny and George Banton. Once Les hit the Ontario Scene, cities like Kitchener, Hamilton, and in Toronto, clubs like The Bamboo and El Mocambo, his performance was smooth sailing. Les delivered satisfying performances to his new fans. He had the Caribana revelers dancing ten miles with stamina and a great voice. Reggae is his roots but R&B has a strong influence oon him. Adding to his credits, in 1997, Les recorded CD Melange D'or (golden mix) Compilation of R&B, Reggae, Hip Hop dance mix. Produced and owned six songs on the CD. Wrote three and arranged three. Played guitar on the entire CD. Whenever one catches Leslie Level performing on stage, it is a treat. His versatility is unbelievable. Look out for more of L's CDs and stage appearances. Above all, Leslie gives the highest praises and thanks to GOD THE FATHER.